Legal Images Document Production

Document Scanning Services

This is the process of converting documents into electronic images, maintaining the integrity of each document. Once scanned, the images can be manipulated to meet your specific needs.

Archiving Services

Electronic File Management enables you to manage large volumes of documents, track and enforce privacy, and automate workflow to improve your business process efficiency.

  • Reduce your storage and retrieval cost by organizing files and data in a way that works with your established business practices and rules.
  • Improve productivity and accountability.
  • Electronically safeguard the integrity of original data and documents by assigning access rights at the cabinet, folder, and file level, and tracking usage in a log form.
  • Ensure accountability and improve process management.
  • Prevent lost, damaged, misplaced and misrouted documents.

EDD/File Conversion

This fully automated process will eliminate the labor intensive task of opening, formatting, converting and printing documents from multiple software programs. Once completed, you will have a unified, searchable database.

Indexing & Coding

These are the instructions to the database software as to what kind of information will be used to search and retrieve data necessary for your case. Manual data entry may be required depending on the fields selected for your data searches.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is the conversion of images to text, allowing word searches and retrieval of documents in any database software.

Brand-It Electronic Numbering

Brand-It provides the true method of 'Electronic Bates numbering'. Electronic production numbers created with Capture or Control are 'burned' into the images. Brand-it will also accommodate redaction's created with the Viewer.


  • Brands production numbers permanently on images.
  • Brands the re-numbered set to produce images instead of prints.
  • Brands the original set as an alternative to labeling the paper.
  • Brands the images at the rate of 3600 hundred per hour.
  • Brands words or phrases, such as 'Confidential' on pages.

Client Testimonial

"Legal Images offers the best quality service bar none. They are always dependable, friendly and cost effective."

(*References Available Upon Request)